Welcome to our little Shop, when you are here, you're family!

We are a small batch, hand made artisan bakery. 

This means everything that comes out of our kitchen is in small batches.  It is just this little family of 5 that makes everything in house,  with the except our cannoli shells & hard pretzel stix.  Unfortunately, this means that sometimes we run out.  So come early but you can also call ahead to make arraignments for pre-orders.  Also You can place orders during the week, when we are closed to the public, we still bake and put together orders for locals, other restaurants or for shipping.  

Call 504-915-2400 or email info@thewanderinggoat.com for any orders.

two brown croissants

Breads, Gelato, Soups, Pastries,  Sandwiches, Soft Pretzels, Coffee, Bagels, Teas & Dog Treats 

As our website is being updated, if you need to place an order you can give us a call or text as (504) 915-2400, email us at info@thewanderinggoat.com or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram, (links to Facebook and Instagram are below).

Here at The Goat, we use high quality, natural ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup, harmful chemicals from our gelato all the way down to our dog treats.  Our family eats here, including the dogs, so nothing but the best for our family and yours.   

Our products will warm your heart and fill your belly.  Come visit us ~ your taste buds will thank you!


Although We do offer some GF goodies, we are not Celiac Safe. We have Gluten in the air, but when we make our GF goodies, we make them first, we make sure our equipment is sanitized throughly and we use GF flours. Sometimes there is gluten in fruits and coffee and such. So please be careful if you have serious life threatening Gluten allergies!

two brown croissants

Welcome to our little Shop, when you are here, you're family!

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7105 Jefferson Highway, #D
Harahan, LA, 70123, US

About us

Just a little neighborhood family bakery, owned and operated by a local family.   all 3 kiddos are learning how to run a business from all aspects, baking, gelato making, register, customers/family, marketing, social media, all of it.  We work and play together as a family.

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